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Question 1: 49 'Hamilcar' and was designed to transport a single light tank or two ________.
Valentine tankMarmon-Herrington Armoured CarUniversal CarrierMatilda I (tank)

Question 2: The British airborne establishment was formed in June 1940 under the orders of the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, in response to the German use of airborne forces during the ________.
Battle of BelgiumBattle of FranceWestern Front (World War II)Military history of France during World War II

Question 3: [91] A badly preserved section of the fuselage of TK718 is part of the collection of the ________, where it is displayed with a Tetrarch tank.
T-34Bovington Tank MuseumT-26 tankTank classification

Question 4: [32] The Tetrarch and ________ light tanks were so large that they barely fit inside the glider, and as such their crews stayed inside the tank for the duration of the flight.
M24 ChaffeeM4 ShermanM3 StuartM22 Locust

Question 5: Operation Tonga originated in the planning of ________, the plan for the eventual invasion of France and the opening of a Second Front in North-Western Europe.
Operation OverlordNormandy LandingsOperation Market GardenOperation Pluto

Question 6: When the British airborne establishment was formed in 1940 by the order of the Prime Minister, ________, it was decided to develop a large glider which would be able to transport heavy equipment in support of airborne troops.
Harold MacmillanMargaret ThatcherWinston ChurchillJoseph Stalin

Question 7: ________: 22.37 lb/ft² (109.2 kg/m²)
F-16 Fighting FalconGlider (sailplane)Wing loadingF-104 Starfighter

Question 8: A powered variant of the Hamilcar was produced, the Hamilcar Mark X, in an attempt to extend the range of the Hamilcar so it could serve in the ________; however, the conflict in the Pacific ended before the design could see combat.
World War IIGuadalcanal CampaignSecond Sino-Japanese WarPacific War

Question 9: [3] By the beginning of 1941, the ________ had issued four specifications for military gliders to be used by the airborne forces.
British ArmyWar OfficeArmy Council (1904)Winston Churchill

Question 10: ________: 65 mph (105 km/h)
AileronFlap (aircraft)Aircraft flight control systemStall (flight)


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