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Genera Plantarum: Quiz


Question 1: Linnaeus established the system of ________ through the widespread acceptance of his list of plants in the definitive 1753 edition of Species Plantarum, which is now taken as the starting point for all botanical nomenclature.
Taxonomic rankBotanyFungusBinomial nomenclature

Question 2: Genera Plantarum was an integral part of this first stepping stone towards a universal standardised ________.
Biological classificationCtenophoraAnimalFungus

Question 3: Yet, this generic reform was one of his greatest achievements: his genera and their nomenclature stand at the beginning of the victory of ________.
OrganismSpeciesBiological classificationLinnaean taxonomy

Question 4: The ________ of Genera Plantarum contains brief descriptions of the 935 plant genera that were known to him at that time.
Book collectingEdition (book)BookPaperback

Question 5: Genera Plantarum (Leiden, 1737) is a publication of Swedish naturalist ________ (1701–1778): it serves as a complementary volume to Species Plantarum (2 vols., 1753).
Charles DarwinBiologyBotanyCarl Linnaeus


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