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Question 1: The 4th has not supported the official Democratic presidential candidate since 1956 (when the Democrats nominated ________, who was perceived to be cool to desegregation).
Harry S. TrumanJohn F. KennedyLyndon B. JohnsonAdlai Stevenson

Question 2: He is among the House's strongest supporters of ________ for all federal employees and has submitted amendments to that effect.
CocaineMDMADrug testDextromethorphan

Question 3: He has also voted at times with more liberal members of the House with regards to ________.

Question 4: Taylor is a strong opponent of ________ and opposes some anti-discrimination laws.
United StatesAffirmative actionMalaysiaUnited Kingdom

Question 5: He has also voted consistently to tighten rules on personal ________.
InsolvencyDebtBond (finance)Bankruptcy

Question 6: Taylor was a strong critic of the Bush Administration's ________.
Central bankDeficitGovernment debtFiscal policy

Question 7: After one term, he ran as the Democratic candidate to succeed Republican incumbent ________ in Mississippi's 5th District when Lott made a successful run for the Senate.
Thad CochranCharles CurtisTrent LottMitch McConnell

Question 8: He decried the lack of urgency to speed up production and procurement of armored vehicles and of jammers to block the signals of ________ (IEDs).
AfghanistanBomb disposalChemical warfareImprovised explosive device

Question 9: He lost to Harrison County ________ Larkin I. Smith by almost 10 points.
ScotlandSheriffScots lawEngland

Question 10: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic Caucus Chairman ________ appointed Taylor to chair the Katrina Task Force to make policy recommendations to the Caucus.
Jim ClyburnJohn BoehnerRoy BluntMaxine Waters

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