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Question 1: It can also represent some of the prejudices which stigmatize intersex and ________ people.
TransgenderTranssexualismThird genderAndrogyny

Question 2: ________, for example, teaches that mothers are the primary care givers to their children and Catholics only allow males to serve as their priests.
Islamic schools and branchesMosqueIslamMuslim history

Question 3: In the contemporary West, transgendered break the gender binary in the form of genderqueer, drag queens, and ________.
AndrogynyThird genderTranssexualismDrag king

Question 4: Besides the biological identification of ________, elements strictly of the opposite sex have been taken by people biologically female and male such as two-spirited Native Americans and hijra of Indians.
TranssexualismIntersexualityThird genderSexual orientation

Question 5: Author, ________ advocate, and biologist Julia Serano, a transsexual lesbian feminist, has criticized the overuse of the concept of gender binary.
TranssexualismTransgenderAndrogynyThird gender

Question 6: The term describes the system in which a society divides people into male and female gender roles, ________ and attributes.
Third genderTransgenderGender identityTranssexualism

Question 7: The gender binary is the classification of sex and gender into two distinct and disconnected forms of masculine and ________.
Body dysmorphic disorderWomanHuman physical appearanceFemininity

Question 8: It can describe a social boundary that discourages people from crossing or mixing ________, or from creating a third form of gender expression altogether.
HomosexualityAndrogynyButch and femmeGender role

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