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Question 1: In ________, yin and yang are considered feminine and masculine, respectively.
East Asian religionsBuddhismPantheismTaoism

Question 2: In Judaism, ________ is traditionally described in the masculine, but in the mystical tradition of the Kabbalah, the Shekhinah represents the feminine aspect of God's essence.

Question 3: The words for this concept are not related to gen- in all Indo-European languages (for example, rod in ________).
Slavic languagesSlavic peoplesPolish languageRussian language

Question 4: How people present and display their gender has consequences in everyday life, but also in ________ aspects of our society.
InstitutionalisationGlasgowUnited KingdomManchester

Question 5: [8] It appears in Modern French in the word genre (type, kind, also genre sexuel) and is related to the Greek root gen- (to produce), appearing in ________, genesis, and oxygen.

Question 6: This fusion of two unlike gametes is called ________.
FertilisationEmbryoHuman embryogenesisPrenatal development

Question 7: Notably, gametes carry very long molecules called ________ that the biological processes of reproduction can "read" like a book of instructions.

Question 8: However, some societies explicitly incorporate people who adopt the gender role opposite to their biological sex, for example the ________ people of some indigenous American peoples.
TranssexualismThird genderTwo-SpiritTransgender

Question 9: The ________ became the subject of an expanding number of studies over the course of the late 20th century.
Biology of genderGender differencesBiology and sexual orientationEvolutionary psychology controversy

Question 10: Such usage was more common before the 1970s, over the course of which the ________ took the word gender into their own usage to describe their theory of human nature.
FeminismFirst-wave feminismFeminist movementFeminist theology

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