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Gemshorn: Quiz


Question 1: The gemshorn is an instrument of the ocarina family that was historically made from the horn of the chamois, ________, or other suitable animal.
CattleMilkDomestic sheepGoat

Question 2: A fipple plug, usually of ________, is fitted into the wide end of the instrument, with a recorder type voicing window on the front of the horn, for tone production.
WoodPlant stemSeedFlowering plant

Question 3: Modern gemshorns are often made of the horns of domesticated ________, because they are readily available, and their use prevents endangering wild species.
DeerWild boarWater BuffaloCattle

Question 4: The hollow horn has tone holes down the front, like a recorder or ________.
ClarinetBasset hornBass clarinetChalumeau

Question 5: Horace Fitzpatrick developed a form of gemshorn which adopted the fingering method of ________ and produced them in consort families, which have proven very popular since the 1960s.
Cor anglais (English horn)BassoonRecorderOboe

Question 6: Modern makers have often chosen to build them using the Baroque ________ fingering.
OboeCor anglais (English horn)BassoonRecorder

Question 7: There is a gemshorn ________, modeled after this instrument.
Organ pipePitch (music)Organ stopPipe organ

Question 8: A skeletal figure is seen holding one in a ________ illustration dated to 1485.
Totentanz (Liszt)Danse MacabreDies IraeMemento mori

Question 9: [1] The gemshorn receives its name from the ________, and means a chamois horn.
Dutch languageGerman languageRomanian languageSpanish language


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