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Question 1: Among the most famous who were executed on this spot were the prefect of the ________ Lucius Aelius Sejanus and the emperor Vitellius.
Roman EmpireDomitianAugustusPraetorian Guard

Question 2: He succeeded ________ upon his suicide on April 16, but lived to be emperor for only eight months.
AugustusRoman EmperorOthoGalba

Question 3: ________ and traitors, if convicted by the quaestores parricidii, were flung from the cliff to their deaths.

Question 4: The Gemonian Stairs (Latin: Scalae Gemoniae, Italian: Scale Gemonie) were a flight of steps located in the ancient city of ________.

Question 5: Corpses were usually left to rot on the staircase for extended periods of time in full view of the Forum, scavenged by dogs or other carrion animals, until eventually being thrown into the ________.
Tiber RiverSabineLake BolsenaLazio

Question 6: The steps were situated in the central part of Rome, leading from the Arx of the ________ down to the Roman Forum.
Palazzo Farnese, RomePalatine HillQuirinal HillCapitoline Hill

Question 7: Vitellius was a Roman general who became the third emperor in the so called ________ in 69CE.
Year of the Four EmperorsAugustusAncient RomeRoman Empire

Question 8: It is believed the stairs were built some time before the rule of ________ (14–37), as they were not mentioned by name in any ancient texts that predate this period.

Question 9: When his armies were defeated by those of ________, he agreed to surrender but the Praetorian Guard refused to let him leave the city.

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