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Question 1: Catalan uses the raised dot (called an "________") to distinguish a geminated l from a palatal ll.

Question 2: Another important phenomenon is that sandhi produces long consonants to word boundaries from an archiphonemic ________, for example |otaʔ se|/otasːe/ "take it!"
Voiceless glottal fricativeGlottal stopVelar nasalPalatal approximant

Question 3: Among stops and ________, in most languages only voiceless consonants occur geminated.
Flap consonantLateral consonantFricative consonantApproximant consonant

Question 4: Consonant length is distinctive in some languages, for instance Arabic, Estonian, Finnish, Russian, ________, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, and Luganda.
Hebrew languageSamaritan Hebrew languageMishnaic HebrewBiblical Hebrew

Question 5: There are very few languages that have initial consonant length; among them are Pattani Malay, Chuukese, a few ________ such as Sicilian and Neapolitan, and many of the High Alemannic German dialects (such as Thurgovian).
Portuguese languageSpanish languageRomance languagesFrench language

Question 6: In Wagiman, an indigenous Australian language, consonant length in stops is the primary phonetic feature that differentiates ________ stops.
International Phonetic AlphabetEnglish languageKorean languageFortis and lenis

Question 7: Some African languages, such as ________ and Luganda, also have initial consonant length—in fact, initial consonant length is very common in Luganda and is used to indicate certain grammatical features.
Zulu languageAfrikaansTswana languageSotho language

Question 8: In ________, consonant length was distinctive, e.g., anus "ring" vs.
LatinVulgar LatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 9: In phonetics, gemination happens when a spoken consonant is pronounced for an audibly longer period of time than a short ________.
Alveolar consonantPalatal consonantVelar consonantConsonant

Question 10: Finnish consonant length is also affected by ________.
PalatalizationLenitionConsonant gradationVowel harmony


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