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Question 1: In October 1998, the company received investments of $5.4 million ($7 million in recent terms) from ________ and Sequoia Capital.
Cisco SystemsIntel CorporationMicrosoftNvidia

Question 2: [7] By then, VA had also begun to make plans to change its name to VA Linux Systems and conduct an ________ for its stock.
Investment bankingInitial public offeringFollow-on offeringBond (finance)

Question 3: As of November 2009, Geeknet owns the websites Freshmeat, Ohloh, ________, and
FarkApple Inc.WikipediaSlashdot

Question 4: VA Linux Systems took its stock public in an ________ (IPO) on 9 December 1999.
Follow-on offeringInvestment bankingBond (finance)Initial public offering

Question 5: ________: VA Linux leaves hardware, lays off workers (27 June 2001)

Question 6: [5] VA Linux built and sold personal computer systems pre-installed with the ________ operating system as an alternative to much more expensive Unix workstations available at the time.
GNUSCO-Linux controversiesLinuxOpenSolaris

Question 7: Geeknet operates, ________, Ohloh and Freshmeat.
WikipediaFarkSlashdotApple Inc.

Question 8: ________: VA Linux files IPO plans (9 October 1999)

Question 9: Many authors of ________ were invited to buy shares at the initial price offering as part of a friends and family deal.
Free softwareOpen-source softwareProprietary softwareLinux

Question 10: Geeknet, Inc. (NASDAQLNUX) is a ________ company that owns several computer tech-related websites and the online retailer ThinkGeek.
Palo Alto, CaliforniaMountain View, CaliforniaSunnyvale, CaliforniaLos Altos, California


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