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Gdańsk: Quiz


Question 1: Thereafter, the Nazis under Gauleiter ________ achieved dominance in the city government, which was still nominally overseen by the League of Nations' High Commissioner.
Arthur GreiserAdolf HitlerAlbert ForsterNazi Germany

Question 2: In the early 1930s the local ________ capitalized on these pro-German sentiments and in 1933 garnered 50% of vote in the parliament.
SchutzstaffelNazi PartyNazismAdolf Hitler

Question 3: The German population of the ________ favored reincorporation into Germany.
Free City of DanzigHistory of Pomerania (1806–1933)Polish CorridorWest Prussia

Question 4: [24] Furthermore, the privilege united Old Town, Hakelwerk and Rechtstadt, and legalized the demolition of New Town, which had sided with the ________.
Teutonic KnightsGermanyThirteen Years' War (1454–66)Holy Roman Empire

Question 5: ________ - bookkeeping (planned)
Sony Pictures TelevisionScreen GemsSony Pictures EntertainmentColumbia Pictures

Question 6: The city suffered a slow economic decline due to the wars of the 18th century, when it was taken by the Russians after the ________ in 1734.
War of the Polish SuccessionSiege of PhilippsburgSiege of Kehl (1733)Siege of Danzig (1734)

Question 7: Gdańsk is Poland's principal seaport as well as the capital of the ________.
SłupskŁebaHel PeninsulaPomeranian Voivodeship

Question 8: Together with the nearby port of ________, Gdańsk is also an important industrial centre.

Question 9: Historically an important seaport and shipbuilding centre, Gdańsk was a member of the ________.
BremenHanseatic LeagueSzczecinHamburg

Question 10: This name was also used in English[7] until the end of ________, and is still used in historical contexts.
Second Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupationsWorld War II

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