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Gay male pulp fiction: Quiz


Question 1:
Gay male pulp fiction, Sodomy law and Human male sexuality are all:
Gay male erotica LGBT history Pulp fiction Novels with gay themes

Question 2:
Gay male pulp fiction, Death in Venice and The Talented Mr. Ripley are all:
LGBT history Gay male erotica Pulp fiction Novels with gay themes

Question 3: Likewise, Blair Niles' 1931 novel ________ appeared in paperback in 1952.
HomosexualityAfrican AmericanStrange BrotherUnited States

Question 4:
Gay male pulp fiction, Pulp magazine and Penny dreadful are all:
Pulp fiction LGBT history Gay male erotica Novels with gay themes

Question 5: Viereck, a poet, was sent to prison during World War II for his work as a paid propaganda agent of Nazi ________.

Question 6: For example, Greenleaf (under editor ________) published a series of erotic spy parodies called The Man from C.A.M.P., written by Victor J. Banis.
Advent (publisher)Earl KempAmateur press associationWilliam Hamling (publisher)

Question 7: Many of these publishers had their roots in publishing beefcake, or "male physique" magazines in the 1950s, precursors to explicit gay ________.
Pornographic magazinePubic WarsPornographyGlamour photography

Question 8: [11] Gay historian John Howard has identified Carl Corley as a similar writer of pulp pornography that was "more sober, more earnest," and that was usually set in Corley's native ________.
United StatesSouthern United StatesNortheastern United StatesMidwestern United States

Question 9: Designed to catch the eye, the paperback books featured vivid cover art and often dealt with taboo subjects: prostitution, rape, interracial romances, lesbianism, and male ________.
HomosexualityReligion and homosexualityBisexualitySexual orientation

Question 10: censorship laws applied to literary novels such as Lady Chatterley's Lover, Portnoy's Complaint, and ________ had redefined legal standards for obscenity.
Naked LunchWilliam S. BurroughsJunkie (novel)The Soft Machine

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