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Gay bar: Quiz


Question 1: ________, San Francisco (closed)
Oakland, CaliforniaJosé SarriaLGBT social movementsBlack Cat Bar

Question 2: Music in gay bars, as in other bars, ranges in style from jazz and ________ to disco, pop, drum and bass, punk, house, trance, and techno.
Rock and rollBluesAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African-American Civil Rights Movement (1896–1954)

Question 3: Down the Street, ________ (closed)
Long Branch, New JerseyAsbury Park, New JerseyNeptune Township, New JerseyMarlboro Township, New Jersey

Question 4: Some gay bars and clubs which have a predominantly male clientele, as well as some ________ and other sex clubs, may offer occasional women-only nights.
LGBT historyLGBT social movementsHomosexualityGay bathhouse

Question 5: A gay bar is a drinking establishment that caters to an exclusively (or predominantly) gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (________) clientele; the term gay is used as a broadly inclusive concept for LGBT and queer communities.
HomosexualityTranssexualismLGBTThird gender

Question 6: The raid led to the ________ of Chandler Depenbrock, Keith Mangum, and Constanza Beucheat for sodomy.
Capital punishmentReligion and capital punishmentTortureStoning

Question 7: ________, either live or, more commonly, mixed by a DJ or DJs, is often a prominent feature of gay bars.
Musical notationMusicClassical musicMusic theory

Question 8: A large venue may be referred to as a nightclub, ________, or bar, while smaller venues are typically called bars and sometimes pubs.
Gentlemen's clubClubLondonEngland

Question 9: The Week International, São Paulo, ________, Florianópolis
Rio de JaneiroNiteróiSalvador, BahiaRecife

Question 10: With the advent of Internet social network services and an increasingly greater acceptance of LGBT people worldwide, the relevance of gay bars in the ________ has somewhat diminished.
HeterosexismHomosexualityLGBT symbolsGay community

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