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Question 1:
When did Gautama Buddha die?
314/3 BCE
5th century BCE
c. 483 BCE or 543 BCE
c. 483 BCE

Question 2:
When was Gautama Buddha born?
c. 563 BCE

Question 3:
When is Gautama Buddha's birthday?
ca. 470 BCE
c. 535 BCE
c. 563 BCE or 623 BCE
Before 272 B.C.E.

Question 4:
What is Gautama Buddha known for?
Helping C&NW enter Powder River Basin
Trickster Makes this World
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Founder of Buddhism

Question 5: At his death, the Buddha told his disciples to follow no leader, but to follow his teachings (________).

Question 6:
Where was Gautama Buddha born?
Hertfordshire, England
Lumbini, today in Nepal
New York, New York
Reggiolo, Italy

Question 7:
Where did Gautama Buddha die?
Withington, Manchester, England
| Phoenix, Arizona
Kushinagar, today in India

Question 8: Of his disciples, ________, Mahamoggallana, Mahakasyapa, Ananda and Anuruddha comprised the five chief disciples.
SariputtaBuddhism and HinduismBuddhismBuddhist cosmology

Question 9:
How is Gautama Buddha described?
Russian-American novelist, lepidopterist, professor
Romanian violinist
Union United States Army soldier
Founder of Buddhism

Question 10: While later tradition and legend characterized Śuddhodana as a ________ monarch, the descendant of the Solar Dynasty of Ikṣvāku (Pāli: Okkāka), many scholars believe that Śuddhodana was the elected chief of a tribal confederacy.
Most recent common ancestorHeredityMatrilinealityGenealogy


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