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Gaur: Quiz


Question 1: The largest populations are found today in ________.
IndiaLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 2: Hence, protection of the historically preferred habitats utilized by gaur is a significant factor in ________.
Conservation biologyPaleontologyEcologyBotany

Question 3: ________, leopards, and dhole packs occasionally attack unguarded calves or unhealthy animals, but only the tiger has been reported to kill a full-grown adult.
Freshwater CrocodileNile crocodileAmerican crocodileSaltwater Crocodile

Question 4:
What phylum does Gaur belong to?

Question 5:
What kind of animal is a Gaur?

Question 6:
What classis does Gaur belong to?

Question 7:
What is the binomial authority of Gaur?
Ausserer, 1875
Benth. & Hook. f. ex B.D.Jacks.
Smith, 1827

Question 8:
What is the binomial of Gaur?
Bos gaurus
Pyrgulopsis castor
Psychotria forsteriana
Odezia atrata

Question 9:
What family does Gaur belong to?

Question 10:
What is the subfamilia of Gaur?

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