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Gaulish language: Quiz


Question 1: It was probably written in a ceramic factory, referring to ________ numbered 1 to 10.
Furnace (disambiguation)Blast furnaceFurnaceBoiler

Question 2: The Coligny calendar was found in Coligny near Lyon, France with a statue identified as ________.
Greek mythologyArtemisHeraApollo

Question 3: It is inscribed in Latin cursive script on both sides of two small sheets of ________.

Question 4:
What type is thing is Gaulish language?
Ukrainian language and cultural institute; university residence;
English-language public school
with Old Norse language origins
Gaulish language

Question 5:

Question 6: 100), written on lead in Latin cursive script, in twelve lines, apparently a ________ or incantation addressed to the god Maponos.
Sports-related cursesCurseMagic (paranormal)Mike Krukow

Question 7: 3: The ________ (73 fragments) and Villards d'Heria (8 fragments), edited by Paul-Marie Duval and Georges Pinault
Celtic calendarGaulsColigny calendarCelts

Question 8: A Latinized phrase for a "ten-night festival of (________) Grannus", decamnoctiacis Granni, is mentioned in a Latin inscription from Limoges.
ApolloGreek mythologyHeraArtemis

Question 9: 2.1: Inscriptions in the ________ (Lepontic, items E-1 – E-6), and inscriptions in the Latin alphabet in stone (items l.
Etruscan languageOld Italic alphabetEtruscan numeralsEtruscan origins

Question 10: The alphabet of Lugano does not distinguish voiced and unvoiced ________, i.e.
Flap consonantStop consonantNasal consonantEjective consonant


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