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Question 1: The German word Leiter means leader, whilst Gau was an old word for a region of the German Reich, once ruled by a ________ Gaugraf; it translates most closely to the English shire.
SaxonsGermanic peoplesLombardsFranks

Question 2: A Gauleiter (German pronunciation: [/ˈgaʊlaɪtə/]) was the party leader of a regional branch of the ________ (more commonly known as the Nazi Party) or the head of a Gau or of a Reichsgau.
Nazi PartySchutzstaffelNazismAdolf Hitler

Question 3: The title of Gauleiter was first established in 1925 after the Nazi Party reorganized following the failed ________.
Adolf HitlerMein KampfBeer Hall PutschDer Sieg des Glaubens

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