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Gates of Alexander: Quiz


Question 1: The Great Wall of Gorgan was built during the Parthian dynasty simultaneously with the construction of the ________ and it was restored during the Sassanid era (3-7th c.
PingyaoForbidden CityGreat Wall of ChinaMount Tai

Question 2: The "Gates of Alexander" (Caspian Gates) were a legendary barrier supposedly built by ________ in the Caucasus to keep the uncivilized barbarians of the north (typically associated with Gog and Magog) from invading the land to the south.
Seleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Ptolemaic Kingdom

Question 3: He decides to imprison the "unclean nations" of the north, which include ________, behind a huge wall of steel or adamantine.
EschatologyGog and MagogChristian eschatologyEnd time

Question 4: The gates were a popular subject in medieval travel literature, starting with the ________ in a version from perhaps the 6th century AD.
Alexander romanceAlexander the GreatMiddle EastRoman d'Alexandre

Question 5: The nature of the pass is never very clear; some sources say it is a pass between mountains, while others say it is a pass between the peaks and the ________.
Aral SeaCaspian SeaArctic OceanIssyk Kul

Question 6: The wall has been frequently identified with the Caspian Gates of ________, Russia (see below) and with the Pass of Dariel or Darial.
MakhachkalaDerbentAstrakhanVeliky Novgorod

Question 7: ________ (in Persian دربند Darband) meaning "closed gates"), was established in the end of the 5th or the beginning of the 6th century AD, when the city was refounded by Kavadh I of the Sassanid dynasty of Persia.

Question 8: With the aid of ________, Alexander and his men close the narrow pass, keeping the uncivilized Gog and Magog from pillaging the peaceful southern lands.


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