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Gatekeeper: Quiz


Question 1: ________ gatekeeping has a variety of responsibilities such as the coordination of activities, control of money, management and personnel, and the application of authority.
VideoClosed captioningMechanical televisionTelevision

Question 2: ________ is a practice widely used by specialized journals that publish articles reporting new research, new discoveries, or new analyses in a specific academic field or area of focus.
Scientific journalOpen peer reviewScientific methodPeer review

Question 3: In response to these concerns, the U.S. Government enacted the ________.
Internal controlSarbanes–Oxley ActAccountancyInternal audit

Question 4: For example, a presidential resignation would be on the front page of a newspaper rather than a celebrity ________ in most cases.
Child abuseHuman sexual behaviorCasual relationshipRelationship breakup

Question 5: The number of households investing in stock and ________ increased over the past ten years.
Mutual fundEfficient-market hypothesisHedge fundExchange-traded fund

Question 6: Perhaps one of the most important kind of gatekeeper is one who provides ________.
Personal financeFinancial plannerDebtFinancial adviser

Question 7: It requires chief executive officers of public companies to certify the reliability of their companies ________.
International Financial Reporting StandardsFinancial statementsAnnual reportBalance sheet

Question 8: In order to reduce fraud and unqualified advice, various certifications for ________ exist.
DebtFinancial adviserPersonal financeFinancial planner

Question 9: Enron's auditor, ________, is suspected of putting higher emphasis on carrying out its more profitable consultancy work for the company than on confirming that the company's accounts were in order.
DeloitteArthur AndersenEnron scandalGrant Thornton LLP

Question 10: Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo! Search, ________ and others can give the illusion that they are conducting broad, unencumbered searches for the information as specified by the user.
IAC (company)Ask.comUnited StatesAlexa Internet

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