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Question 1: V, Orthomyxoviridae: Influenzavirus A/B/C (Influenza/________)
Virus diseaseAvian influenzaSevere acute respiratory syndromeInfluenza A virus

Question 2: [24][25] ________ also might be helpful.

Question 3: Foods high in ________ should be avoided because the osmotic load might worsen diarrhea; therefore, soft drinks, juice, and other high simple sugar foods should be avoided.

Question 4: Surgical conditions such as ________, intussusception and, rarely, even Hirschsprung's disease may mislead the clinician.

Question 5: This is preferably achieved by giving the person ________ (ORT) although intravenous delivery may be required if a decreased level of consciousness or an ileus is present.
GastroenteritisOral rehydration therapyRotavirusDiarrhea

Question 6: Other methods, ________ and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, are used in research laboratories.
GoldScanning electron microscopeElectron microscopeTransmission electron microscopy

Question 7: ________, usually caused by antibiotics use, is managed by discontinuing the causative agent and treating with either metronidazole or vancomycin.
Whipple's diseasePseudomembranous colitisClostridial necrotizing enteritisGastroenteritis

Question 8: The objective of treatment is to replace lost fluids and ________.
ElectrolyteFuel cellIonHalf cell

Question 9: ________ and Addison's disease) are disorders that can cause diarrhea.
Graves' diseaseHypopituitarismHyperthyroidismHashitoxicosis

Question 10: [3] Another 20% of cases, and the majority of severe cases in children, are due to ________.
Hepatitis CGastroenteritisAstrovirusRotavirus

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