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Gastric varices: Quiz


Question 1: Laboratory testing usually shows ________ and often thrombocytopenia (a low platelet count).
AnemiaPernicious anemiaIron deficiency anemiaAplastic anemia

Question 2: abdomen (May-Thurner syndrome, Portal vein thrombosis, ________, Renal vein thrombosis)
Hepatic veno-occlusive diseaseBudd-Chiari syndromePortal hypertensionEsophageal varices

Question 3: The latter may be a complication of ________, pancreatic cancer, or other abdominal tumours.
Acute pancreatitisAscending cholangitisHepatitisCrohn's disease

Question 4: Secondly, patients with ________ may present with gastric varices as a complication of thrombosis of the splenic vein.
Acute pancreatitisHepatitisAscending cholangitisCrohn's disease

Question 5: The symptoms can include hematemesis, or ________ blood; melena, passing black, tarry stools; or passing maroon stools or frank blood in the stools.
DiarrheaAbdominal painNauseaVomiting

Question 6: They are most commonly found in patients with portal hypertension, or elevated pressure in the portal vein system, which may be a complication of ________.
Acute liver failureHepatorenal syndromeHepatitisCirrhosis

Question 7: More aggressive treatment including splenectomy (or surgical removal of the spleen) or ________ may be required in some cases.
Pancreas transplantationLiver transplantationICD-9-CM Volume 3Surgery

Question 8: First, patients with ________ may be enrolled in screening gastroscopy programs to detect esophageal varices.
Hepatorenal syndromeHepatitisCirrhosisAcute liver failure

Question 9: primarily lower limb (________)
Budd-Chiari syndromeCerebral venous sinus thrombosisDeep vein thrombosisPulmonary embolism

Question 10: head (________)
Cerebral aneurysmVascular diseaseCerebral venous sinus thrombosisCarotid artery stenosis


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