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Question 1: This article was originally based on an entry from a ________ edition of Gray's Anatomy. As such, some of the information contained within it may be outdated.
Copyright infringementCopyrightPublic domainIntellectual property

Question 2: The A cells produce ________, which mobilizes the hepatic glycogen, and the enterochromaffin cells that produce serotonin, which stimulates the contraction of the smooth muscles.
VasopressinGlucagonCorticotropin-releasing hormoneInsulin

Question 3: The gastric mucosa is the mucous membrane layer of the ________ which contains the glands and the gastric pits.
Colon (anatomy)Small intestineVermiform appendixStomach

Question 4: It is thin at the ________ extremity, but thicker toward the pylorus.
TorsoCirculatory systemHeartLymphatic system

Question 5: It consists of ________, lamina propria, and the muscularis mucosae.
HistologyMicrovillusStratified squamous epitheliumEpithelium

Question 6: In ________ it is of a brighter hue, the vascular redness being more marked.
Prenatal developmentAttachment theoryInfantPregnancy


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