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Gastric antral vascular ectasia: Quiz


Question 1: The endoscopic appearance of GAVE is similar to ________.
Crohn's diseaseUpper gastrointestinal bleedingPortal hypertensive gastropathyEsophageal varices

Question 2: GAVE is associated with a number of conditions, including portal hypertension, ________, and collagen vascular diseases, particularly scleroderma.
Acute kidney injuryDiabetic nephropathyNephrologyChronic kidney disease

Question 3: Other medical treatments have been tried and include ________ and progesterone therapy and anti-fibrinolytic drugs such as tranexamic acid.

Question 4: It is also called watermelon stomach because streaky long red areas that are present in the stomach may resemble the markings on ________.
United StatesGarlicWatermelonChili pepper

Question 5: Gastric antral vascular ectasia (GAVE) is an uncommon cause of chronic gastrointestinal bleeding or ________.
Sickle-cell diseaseIron deficiency anemiaPlummer-Vinson syndromeSerum iron

Question 6: The condition is associated with dilated small blood vessels in the antrum, or the last part of the ________.
StomachColon (anatomy)Vermiform appendixSmall intestine


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