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Question 1: Franch called the resulting liquid Mota fuel, mota being ________ spelled backwards.

Question 2: Franch, when pressed into providing samples of his transmutation powder, produced samples of green ________.
Food coloringFood additiveE numberFood chemistry

Question 3: The gasoline pill or gasoline powder is claimed to turn water into ________, which can be used to run an combustion engine.
GasolineInternal combustion engineDiesel fuelFilling station

Question 4: In the 1949 motion picture Free For All, ________ starred as a scientist who claimed to have invented a pill that turned water into gasoline.
1939 in film1942 in filmWilliam HoldenRobert Cummings

Question 5: Guido Franch was a blue collar worker who lived in Livingston, ________.

Question 6: In an episode of the 1960s American sitcom ________, The Sleeping Cutie, Grandpa invents a gasoline pill.
The Munsters TodayMunster, Go Home!Lily MunsterThe Munsters

Question 7: The 1940s television/radio show People are Funny performed a stunt in which an unsuspecting crowd at ________ were sold "Atom Pills" at a quarter apiece.
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood and VineHollywood BoulevardLos Angeles

Question 8: In the ________, the best known claim to have created a gasoline pill was the work of one Guido Franch, who was active from the 1950s through the 1970s.
AlaskaUnited StatesCanadaPhilippines

Question 9: Usually these urban legends allege a ________ that the oil industry seeks to suppress the technology that turns water to gasoline.
New World Order (conspiracy theory)Conspiracy theoryConspiracy fiction9/11 conspiracy theories

Question 10: The gasoline pill is one of several claims of suppressed inventions that circulate as ________.
Mircea EliadeMythologyCharacter (arts)Urban legend

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