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Question 1: The name gasoline is similar to that of other petroleum products of the day, most notably ________, a highly purified heavy distillate, which was branded Vaseline.
PolydimethylsiloxaneE numberMineral oilPetroleum jelly

Question 2: Every effort was being made toward the end of the war to increase ________ production; more isoparaffin meant more C-3 available for fighter plane use.

Question 3: the ________ feed used by the refinery.
PetroleumPeak oilPetroleum industryEnergy development

Question 4: Sulfur compounds are usually removed by hydrotreating, yielding hydrogen sulfide, which can then be transformed into elemental sulfur via the ________.
AmmoniaClaus processHydrodesulfurizationAmine gas treating

Question 5: This high octane could easily be used in existing engines to deliver much more power by increasing the pressure delivered by the ________.
TurbochargerSuperchargerFour-stroke engineManifold (automotive)

Question 6: The most popular additives include ________, ethers and alcohol (usually ethanol or methanol).
Aromatic hydrocarbonBenzeneNaphthaleneAromaticity

Question 7: An introduction to the modern petroleum science, and to the Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, ________ origins.
HeliumAbiogenic petroleum originIronBasalt

Question 8: Many of these hydrocarbons are considered hazardous substances and are regulated in the United States by ________.
Benefits Review BoardOccupational Safety and Health AdministrationVeterans' Employment and Training ServiceWage and Hour Division

Question 9: Many of these alternatives are less damaging to the environment than gasoline, but the ________ are still not 100 percent clean.
BiofuelIndex of climate change articlesEmissions tradingCarbon footprint

Question 10: These include benzene (up to 5% by volume), toluene (up to 35% by volume), naphthalene (up to 1% by volume), trimethylbenzene (up to 7% by volume), ________ (up to 18% by volume, in some states) and about ten others.
Methyl tert-butyl ether1,2-DichloroethaneGasolineNitromethane

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