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Gas exchange: Quiz


Question 1: Blood carries oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ________ ions between tissues and the lungs.

Question 2: As CO2 diffuses into the blood stream, it is absorbed by red blood cells before the majority is converted into H2CO3 by ________, an enzyme that is not present in the plasma.
Carbonic anhydraseCystathionine beta synthaseTryptophan synthaseFumarase

Question 3: Gas exchange takes place at a respiratory surface—a boundary between the external environment and the interior of the ________.

Question 4: Many also have a mechanism to maximise the ________ by replenishing the source and/or sink.
Magnetic resonance imagingMultiple sclerosisDiffusion MRIFunctional magnetic resonance imaging

Question 5: For ________ the respiratory surface is governed by Fick's law, which determines that respiratory surfaces must have:

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