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Gary Brolsma: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the nationality of Gary Brolsma?
Naturalised American
Nigerian, American
American/ Comanche

Question 2:
When is Gary Brolsma's birthday?

Question 3:

Question 4: He made appearances on ABC's Good Morning America, NBC's The Tonight Show, and VH1's ________.
Mo RoccaRob HuebelBest Week EverThe Daily Show

Question 5:
What was Gary Brolsma's birth name?
Gary William Brolsma
Kathleen Elizabeth Fell
Michael Herbert Schur
Joseph Berlinger

Question 6: Brolsma also appeared in the music video for the ________ song "Sound of Your Voice", which featured a compilation of YouTube celebrities.
Barenaked LadiesIf I Had $1000000Barenaked Ladies discographyBarenaked for the Holidays

Question 7: Brolsma has appeared in episode 1204 (#171) of the animated series ________, "Canada on Strike".
South ParkSouth Park (season 1)Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat RideEric Cartman

Question 8: Brolsma also made a video promoting the ________'s National Body Challenge, which he stated he was joining.
Science ChannelDiscovery Channel (South East Asian TV channel)TLC (TV channel)Discovery Channel

Question 9: He set a record in the ________ 2008, for the original Numa Numa video.
NBA recordsGuinness World RecordsLand speed recordMotorcycle land speed record

Question 10: Other versions include a showdown between him and ________ getting angry at his computer.
Barack ObamaList of YouTube personalities4chanList of Internet phenomena

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