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Garry Kasparov: Quiz


Question 1: He became the first player to lose a world championship match without winning a game since Emanuel Lasker lost to ________ in 1921.
José Raúl CapablancaBobby FischerAlexander AlekhineWorld Chess Championship

Question 2: ________
Mikhail BotvinnikList of chess games between Kasparov and KramnikGarry KasparovEnglish Opening

Question 3: ________ 1980, USSR 2nd reserve, 9.5/12 (+8 =3 -1), team gold, board bronze;

Question 4: Garry Kasparov and ________ played a 12-game match from September 21-24, 2009, in Valencia, Spain.
Anatoly KarpovBoris SpasskyMikhail TalBobby Fischer

Question 5: [12] Kasparov won the Soviet Junior Championship in ________ in 1976, scoring 7 points of 9, at age 13.

Question 6: Garry Kasparov was born Garry Weinstein (Russian: Гарри Вайнштейн) in Baku,[7] Azerbaijan SSR, Soviet Union; now Azerbaijan, to an ________ mother and Jewish father.
Armenian Apostolic ChurchArmenian diasporaArmenian languageArmenians

Question 7:

Question 8:
What rating is given to Garry Kasparov?
* AMG,

Question 9: Makogonov helped develop Kasparov's positional skills and taught him to play the ________ and the Tartakower System of the Queen's Gambit Declined.
Bobby FischerSicilian DefenceGarry KasparovCaro-Kann Defence

Question 10: Kramnik had been a student of Kasparov's at the legendary Botvinnik/Kasparov chess school in Russia, and had served on Kasparov's team for the 1995 match against ________.
Vladimir KramnikGarry KasparovViswanathan AnandVeselin Topalov

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