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Question 1: In 1986, in his On The Soap Box' column, Bushell raged against the ________, who he claimed had ruined the Labour Party.
Upper classSocial classMiddle classWorking class

Question 2: In the 2005 General Election, he stood as a candidate for the ________, who promote the establishment of an English Parliament, and want England to leave the European Union.
English Democrats PartyScottish National PartyUnited Kingdom Independence PartyBritish National Party

Question 3:
What role did Garry Bushell play in the telemovie Harry Hill?
Eddie Murphy
Rory McGrath

Question 4: [5] In 1981, Bushell wrote the book Dance Craze - the 2-Tone story, and in 1984, he wrote the ________ biography Running Free.
Iron MaidenLive After DeathPowerslaveBruce Dickinson

Question 5: One of their humorous songs was "I Lost My Love To A UK Sub", which is about the allegedly huge libido of ________ singer Charlie Harper.
U.K. SubsPunk rockCover versionMisfits (band)

Question 6: He also wrote for Temporary Hoarding, Rebel, and his own ________ fanzine, Napalm.
Rock musicHardcore punkPunk rockPunk rock subgenres

Question 7: He also got ________ signed in the UK to Secret Records.
Twisted SisterWe're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister song)Dee SniderCome Out and Play (album)

Question 8: In the 2000s, Bushell's main political focus has been ________ and individual liberty.
United StatesItalySpainPatriotism

Question 9: Pink Tent evolved into The Gonads, an ________ and punk pathetique band that has continued to perform in the 2000s.
Punk rockSkinheadMod revivalOi!

Question 10: It was reported that he was considering standing as a candidate for Mayor of London against ________ in 2008.
John MajorMargaret ThatcherKen LivingstoneBoris Johnson

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