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Question 1: UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre described garrigue as "discontinuous bushy associations of the Mediterranean calcareous plateaus, often composed of kermes oak, ________, thyme, and white cistus.
SyriaHerbalismLavenderLavender oil

Question 2: Though they are grown under cooler, moister conditions, many shrubs and flowering perennials of the garrigue are mainstays of the "mixed border" of herbaceous and woody plants found in ________.
Stowe HouseEnglish gardenChiswick HouseFrench landscape garden

Question 3: The dense, thrifty growth of garrigue flora has recommended many of its shrubs and sub-shrubs for ________.
GardenGarden designBagh (garden)Gardening

Question 4: It is thought that Gallic and Latin incorporated these words and then transmitted them in various forms to the ________.
Portuguese languageRomance languagesSpanish languageFrench language

Question 5: (See ________.) The term has also found its way into haute cuisine, suggestive of the resinous flavours of a garrigue shrubland.
Oceanic climateKöppen climate classificationMediterranean SeaMediterranean climate

Question 6: Garrigue is the most common general word for such shrubland ________, which are known elsewhere as phrygana in Greece, tomillares in Spain, and batha in Israel.
EcosystemEcologySystems ecologyEcosystem ecology

Question 7: [3] The fines (charred wood and smoke residues, or ________ dust) of periodic brush fires also have had an effect on the patterning and composition of the garrigues.
CharcoalBlast furnaceCarbonPyrolysis


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