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Garo (tribe): Quiz


Question 1: The Garos are one of the few remaining ________ societies in the world.
MatrilinealityFamily nameMarriagePatrilineality

Question 2: The Garo language belongs to the Bodo branch of the Bodo-Naga-Kachin family of the ________ phylum.
Sino-Tibetan languagesDravidian languagesTibeto-Burman languagesBurushaski

Question 3: Most Garos are now Christians, with the majority belonging to the Garo Baptist Convention, smaller numbers of Roman Catholics, and also some Seventh-day Adventists and ________.
Ecumenical councilEpiscopal Church (United States)CatholicismAnglicanism

Question 4: Various records of the tribe by invading Mughal armies and by British observers in what is now ________ wrote of the brutality of the people.
MalaysiaPakistanBangladeshSri Lanka

Question 5: Garos are also found in minority number in Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling and Dinajpur of ________.
IndiaKolkataWest BengalHimachal Pradesh


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