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Question 1: These volcanoes are originally part of the eroded ________ Pemberton Volcanic Belt.
PlioceneLanghianGeologic time scaleMiocene

Question 2: It is the northern extension of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, a chain of volcanoes of major andesitic to dacitic stratovolcanoes extending northward from ________ to British Columbia and contains the most explosive young volcanoes in Canada.
Oakland, CaliforniaNorthern CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaSan Francisco Bay Area

Question 3: When the stored energy is suddenly released by slippage across the fault at irregular intervals, the Cascadia subduction zone can create very large ________ such as the magnitude 9 Cascadia earthquake of 1700.
Geotechnical engineeringLandslideS-waveEarthquake

Question 4: The Garibaldi Volcanic Belt includes the Bridge River Cones, ________, Mount Fee, Mount Garibaldi, Mount Price, Mount Meager and the Squamish Volcanic Field.
Mount JobDevastator PeakPlinth PeakMount Cayley

Question 5: Hot springs in the Canadian side of the arc, were originally used and revered by ________ people.
First NationsCanadaMétis people (Canada)Inuit

Question 6: The Garibaldi Volcanic Belt contains two extra volcanic fields, the Franklin Glacier Volcano and the ________, which lie 140 and 190 kilometres northwest of the main volcanic belt.
Mount CayleyMount GaribaldiSilverthrone CalderaMount Meager

Question 7: ________
Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic fieldHoodoo MountainMount CayleyMount Garibaldi

Question 8: In this area, also, was found the blackstone chief's head pipe that is famous of Lillooet artifacts; found buried in ________, one supposes from the 2350 BP eruption of Mount Meager.
Volcanic ashStratovolcanoVolcanoMount Tambora

Question 9: According to some of these tales, ________ was used as refuge from a great flood.
Plinth PeakMount GaribaldiMount CayleyMount Meager

Question 10: Unlike most subduction zones worldwide, there is no ________ present along the continental margin in Cascadia.
Marginal seaPhysical oceanographyOceanic trenchVolcanic arc


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