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Garam masala: Quiz


Question 1: Some recipes call for spices to be blended with herbs, while others grind the spices with water, ________ or other liquids such as coconut milk to make a paste.
EthanolFruit wineVinegarRice

Question 2: ________ can be added if the mix is to be used immediately, but if kept, the fragrance will diminish, and may change in character.
Spice tradeSpiceGingerBlack pepper

Question 3: A Northwest Indian garam masala usually includes cloves; green, black, and/or brown cardamom, ________, cassia, mace and/or nutmeg.

Question 4: Also typical of the region is the use of caraway and black ________.

Question 5: Next tomato concassé is added with ________, yoghurt and salt.

Question 6: Garam masala from Hindi garam ("hot") and masala ("mixture") is a basic blend of ground ________ common in Indian and other South Asian cuisines.
SpiceBouquet garniHerbAfghan spice rub

Question 7: In some recipes nuts, onion or ________ may be added.

Question 8: The word garam refers to spice intensity, not heat; garam masala is pungent, but not "hot" in the same way as a ________.
Chili pepperPomegranateCapsicumCayenne pepper

Question 9: Whole garam masala, however, is added early to the cooking ________, oil, or ghee for a more pungent flavour.
Fatty acidFatTrans fatLipid

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