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GarageBand: Quiz


Question 1: GarageBand is a software application that allows users to create music or ________.
Songbird (software)WinampAmarok (software)Podcast

Question 2: GarageBand is a streamlined ________ (DAW) and music sequencer, which can record and play back multiple tracks of audio.
Digital audio editorDigital audio workstationFL StudioReWire

Question 3: GarageBand can import ________ files, and offers piano roll or notation-style editing and playback.
Musical Instrument Digital InterfaceBus (computing)Universal Serial BusEIA-422

Question 4: However, since version '08, other parameters affected by ________ knobs can be automated later per track.
Universal Serial BusEIA-422Bus (computing)Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Question 5: GarageBand can play virtual instruments, used for creating songs or playing music live using over 100 sampled or ________ instruments, which can be played using a USB or MIDI keyboard connected to the computer, or using an on-screen virtual keyboard.
SynthesizerDigital audio editorMixing consoleSound recording and reproduction

Question 6: GarageBand uses two types of media: software instruments (either recorded from GarageBand or imported from ________ files), and real instruments (either recorded or imported audio files).
Bus (computing)Universal Serial BusEIA-422Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Question 7: The application was announced during Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at the Macworld Conference & Expo in ________ on 6 January 2004; musician John Mayer assisted with its demonstration.
Los AngelesOakland, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaSan Francisco

Question 8: It is developed by ________, and is included in all shipments of iLife.
Mac OS XApple Inc.MacintoshIntel Corporation

Question 9: The tuning system can also effectively imitate the ________ effect when tuned to maximum.
Janet JacksonT-PainKanye WestAuto-Tune


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