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Question 1:

Question 2: [40][69] Alternative theories explain Ganymede's greater internal heating on the basis of tidal flexing[70] or more intense pummeling by impactors during the ________.
Lunar geologic timescaleLate Heavy BombardmentMoon rockMoon

Question 3: [51] However, in 1979 ________ observed an occultation of a star (κ Centauri) during its flyby of the planet, with differing results.
New HorizonsVoyager 1JupiterVoyager 2

Question 4: The permanent magnetic moment carves a part of space around Ganymede, creating a tiny ________ embedded inside that of Jupiter; it is the only moon in the Solar System known to possess the feature.
Van Allen radiation beltMagnetosphereAurora (astronomy)Magnetopause

Question 5: From a suggestion by ________, Marius once again tried to name the moons:[18]
Scientific revolutionJohannes KeplerIsaac NewtonGalileo Galilei

Question 6:
What is Ganymede (moon) also known as?
1983 QA
2000 QG22
Jupiter III
1974 SL

Question 7: A saltwater ocean is believed to exist nearly 200 ________ below Ganymede's surface, sandwiched between layers of ice.

Question 8: [38] The ________ in the liquid iron, which has high electrical conductivity, is the most reasonable model of magnetic field generation.

Question 9: [52] The occultation measurements were conducted in the ________ spectrum at wavelengths shorter than 200 nm; they were much more sensitive to the presence of gases than the 1972 measurements in the visible spectrum.
InfraredX-rayUltravioletElectromagnetic spectrum

Question 10: [26] Because the orbital eccentricity of Ganymede is relatively low—0.0015 on average[25]—the ________ of this moon is negligible now.
Tidal accelerationTidal lockingRoche limitNatural satellite


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