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Question 1: It lies between the Tibetan Plateau, ________, and the Loess Plateau, and borders Mongolia to the north-west.
Inner MongoliaManzhouliEvenk Autonomous BannerWuchuan County, Inner Mongolia

Question 2: [11] The governor is responsible for all issues related to ________, personnel, political initiatives, the environment and the foreign affairs of the province.
Keynesian economicsEconomicsHeterodox economicsMoney

Question 3:
What is the largest city of Gansu?

Question 4: info) (simplified Chinese: 甘肃traditional Chinese: 甘肅pinyin: Gānsù________: Kan-su, Kansu, Kan-suh) is a province located in the northwest of the People's Republic of China.
BopomofoDaighi tongiong pingimTongyong PinyinWade–Giles

Question 5: The ________ is working with the State Forestry Administration of China on the Silk Road Ecosystem Restoration project, designed to prevent degradation and desertification in Gansu.
Asian Development BankDurban Review ConferenceDecolonizationCambodia

Question 6: However, most of Gansu's economy is based on mining and the extraction of ________, especially rare earth elements.

Question 7: The Mogao Grottoes near ________ represent an astonishing collection of Buddhist art and religion.
DunhuangLongxi County, DingxiGansuLinxia City

Question 8:
Who is the governor of Gansu?
Bridie Oaks-Richards
Xu Shousheng

Question 9: The capital of the province is ________, located in the southeast part of Gansu.

Question 10: Neighboring provinces: ________, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Ningxia.
Evenk Autonomous BannerWuchuan County, Inner MongoliaManzhouliInner Mongolia

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