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Question 1: Mineral resources of the province include iron, ________, fluorite, limestone and tungsten.
HydroelectricityCoalGrid energy storageWind power

Question 2: Gangwon-do is known throughout Korea for its production of sundubu, a variety of soft tofu made with ________.
Ocean thermal energy conversionSeawaterCurrent sea level riseSea level

Question 3: Gangwon-do was one of the Eight Provinces of Korea during the ________.
Joseon DynastySouth KoreaKorean EmpireKorea under Japanese rule

Question 4: The names below are given in English, ________, and hanja.
Brāhmī scriptHebrew alphabetHangulAlphabet

Question 5: Before the ________ in 1945, Gangwon and its North Korean neighbour Kangwŏn formed a single province.
Division of KoreaSouth KoreaKorea under Japanese ruleHistory of Korea

Question 6: Gangwon-do is a province of ________, with its capital at Chuncheon.
North KoreaSeoulKorean PeninsulaSouth Korea

Question 7: As a result of the ________ ceasefire of 1953, the boundary between the South and North Korean portions of the province was shifted northward to the Military Demarcation Line.
Sino-Soviet border conflictVietnam WarCold WarKorean War

Question 8: The province is renowned for its agricultural produce, in particular potatoes and fish (________ and pollock).

Question 9: Gangwon-do is bounded on the west by ________ province, on the south by the provinces of Chungcheongbuk-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do, and on the east by the Sea of Japan (East Sea).


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