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Gangs in New Zealand: Quiz


Question 1: Dope Money Sex (Youth Gang) - ________
RotoruaAuckland CityChristchurchNorth Shore City

Question 2: According to the ________, the three most prominent New Zealand gangs are Black Power (not related to the African-American movement); the Mongrel Mob, and the Nomads.
Australian Federal PoliceRoyal Papua New Guinea ConstabularyIndonesian National PoliceNew Zealand Police

Question 3: The Tribesmen is a prominently Māori motorcycle club formed in the 1980s in ________.
New ZealandIwiManukau CityOtara

Question 4: A ________ study showed that in 1991 just under 80% of prison inmates had no gang history, and just over 90% had no current gang membership.
Minister of Justice (New Zealand)Attorney-General (New Zealand)Minister of Defence (New Zealand)Public sector organisations in New Zealand

Question 5: The motorcycle club currently has chapters in ________, Hastings, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and also Sydney, Australia.
AucklandHamilton, New ZealandAshburton, New ZealandDunedin

Question 6: According to ________ Jarrod Gilbert, New Zealand has had problems with youth and street gangs since the 1950s.
Systems theoryTalcott ParsonsSocial structureSociology

Question 7: [1] Other gangs are prominent in particular areas, for example the Junior Don Kings (JDK) and Dope Money Sex (DMS) in ________.
North Shore CityChristchurchAuckland CityRotorua

Question 8: Its symbol is the clenched fist of the American ________ movement, and its colours are blue and black.
Black PowerAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Malcolm XMartin Luther King, Jr.

Question 9: Its symbol is a bulldog wearing a German Stahlhelm helmet, and the gang makes use of other ________ imagery.
FascismNazismNeo-NazismAdolf Hitler

Question 10: By 2008 it had expanded into ________ and the Gold Coast in eastern Australia.
BrisbanePerth, Western AustraliaMelbourneSydney

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