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Gangbuster: Quiz


Question 1: This turned out to be an amnesiac ________, who was suffering from a nervous breakdown after a fight with Brainiac.
SupermanDarkseidSupergirl (Kara Zor-El)Superboy (Kon-El)

Question 2: Jose Delgado suffered a spinal injury while saving ________'s life during a fight with a creature called Combattor.
Lex LuthorLois LaneJimmy OlsenSuperman

Question 3: He recovered the ability to walk with the assistance of a ________ cybernetic implant, similar to the implant later used on Maximum from the Supermen of America.
LexCorpMetropolis (comics)SupermanLex Luthor

Question 4: He was created by Marv Wolfman and ________.
Jerry OrdwayDC ComicsSupermanJohn Byrne

Question 5: Jose soon tracks Tarot to the castle headquarters of ________, Morgana Le Fey and the villain known as Enigma.
AmazoDesperoLex LuthorStarro

Question 6: When ________ enlisted youth gangs into organized crime under his control, Jose adopted the identity of Gangbuster to deal with the threat posed to the teenagers in his community.
Solomon Grundy (comics)Brainiac (comics)Lex LuthorSuperman

Question 7: He became a mentor to Jerry White (the son of ________).
Lex LuthorSupermanPerry WhiteLois Lane

Question 8: Gangbuster is a fictional vigilante published by ________.
DC ComicsSuperheroVertigo (DC Comics)Superman


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