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Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador: Quiz


Question 1: It was first broadcast on 24 June 2008 on ________, and was repeated on 23 October 2009.
BBC World ServiceBBC Radio 4BBC Radio ScotlandBBC Radio 1

Question 2: 11, 1938, Captain Douglas Fraser made the first landing at "Newfoundland Airport", now known as Gander International Airport, in a single-engine ________, Fox Moth VO-ADE.
Junkers J 1Interplane strutBiplaneAileron

Question 3: After the war, the airbase became a civilian airport, and the location of the town was moved a safe distance from the ________.
Air safetyBrazilRunwayUnited States

Question 4: In 1991, the ________ and Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (IAU/WGPSN) officially named a crater on Mars.
ParisRomeMoscowInternational Astronomical Union

Question 5: ________
Division No. 1, Newfoundland and LabradorList of cities and towns in Newfoundland and LabradorDivision No. 9, Newfoundland and LabradorDivision No. 8, Newfoundland and Labrador

Question 6: Medical services are provided by the James Paton Memorial Hospital, on the ________.
British Columbia Highway 1Yellowhead HighwayConfederation BridgeTrans-Canada Highway

Question 7: Cell Phone service is also available through ________, Koodoo, and Virgin Mobile.
Rogers CommunicationsShaw CommunicationsTelusBell Canada

Question 8: Gander was chosen for the construction of an ________ in 1935 because of its location close to the northeast tip of the North American continent.
AirportAirline hubAirport securityAir traffic control

Question 9: The Town of Gander continues to play a very important role in ________ today and, to this extent, Gander has retained an experienced United States Representative to attract and retain valid business opportunities in the aerospace industry.
BiotechnologyAerospace engineeringAerospaceNuclear technology

Question 10: Residents of Gander and surrounding communities volunteered to house, feed, and entertain the travelers in what became known as ________.
9/11 conspiracy theoriesAmerican Airlines Flight 11Operation Yellow RibbonUnited Airlines Flight 93


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