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Question 1: The Anger camera uses sets of ________ photomultipliers.
X-rayHot cathodeVacuum tubeDiode

Question 2: The system accumulates events, or counts, of gamma ________ that are absorbed by the crystal in the camera.
AtomPhotonElectronStandard Model

Question 3: ________ tubes (PMTs) behind the crystal detect the fluorescent flashes (events) and a computer sums the counts.
Photoelectric effectPhotomultiplierVideo camera tubeDiode

Question 4: The collimator consists of a thick sheet of ________, typically 1-3 inches thick, with thousands of adjacent holes through it.

Question 5: Multi-headed gamma cameras can also be used for ________ scanning, provided that their hardware and software can be configured to detect 'coincidences' (near simultaneous events on 2 different heads).
X-raySingle photon emission computed tomographyPositron emission tomographyRadiation therapy

Question 6: The initial phenomenon of the excited electron is similar to the photoelectric effect and (particularly with gamma rays) the ________.
PhotonCompton scatteringElectromagnetic radiationPositron


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