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Gametophyte: Quiz


Question 1: The gametophyte produces male or female gametes (or both), by a process of cell division called ________.
Cell cycleMitosisMeiosisPreprophase

Question 2: In ________, liverworts and hornworts (bryophytes), the gametophyte is the commonly known phase of the plant.
Flowering plantGymnospermMossFern

Question 3: Because the sporophyte is the product of the fusion of two haploid gametes, its cells are ________, containing two sets of chromosomes.
PloidyChromosomal translocationPolyploidyKaryotype

Question 4: An early developmental stage in the gametophyte of mosses (immediately following germination of the ________) is called the protonema.
Cell wallPlantFernSpore

Question 5: In plants and ________ that undergo alternation of generations, a gametophyte is the multicellular structure, or phase, that is haploid, containing a single set of chromosomes:
Wild fisheriesPhotosynthesisCell wallAlgae

Question 6: The mature sporophyte produces spores by a process called ________, sometimes referred to as "reduction division" because the chromosome pairs are separated once again to form single sets.
MitosisCell cycleCell divisionMeiosis

Question 7: The fusion of male and female gametes produces a ________ zygote, which develops by repeated mitotic cell divisions into a multicellular sporophyte.


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