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Gamete intrafallopian transfer: Quiz


Question 1: The doctor will monitor the growth of the ovarian follicles, and once they are mature, the woman will be injected with ________ (hCG).
Follicle-stimulating hormoneProgesteroneHuman chorionic gonadotropinGonadotropin-releasing hormone

Question 2: Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) is a tool of ________ against infertility.
In vitro fertilisationChildbirthPregnancyAssisted reproductive technology

Question 3: Many specialists in infertility would look at GIFT as a procedure that is outdated (2004) as pregnancy rates in ________ tend to be equal or better and do not require laparoscopy.
Prenatal developmentIn vitro fertilisationAssisted reproductive technologyArtificial insemination

Question 4: Some patients may prefer the procedure to ________ for ethical reasons, since the fertilization takes place inside the body.
PregnancyAssisted reproductive technologyArtificial inseminationIn vitro fertilisation


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