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Gamete: Quiz


Question 1: Since some ________ and fungi have sexual reproduction by combining two identical gametes, there is no male/female distinction in these species.
AlgaePlantPhotosynthesisWild fisheries

Question 2: Gametes are haploid cells; that is, they contain half(n) of a complete set of ________ (the actual number varies from species to species).
Chromosomal translocationAutosomeChromosomeKaryotype

Question 3: This mutation, recombination, and the fact that the two chromosome sets ultimately come from either a grandmother or a grandfather on each parental side account for the ________ dissimilarity of siblings.

Question 4: A gamete (from ________ γαμέτης; translated gamete = wife, gametes = husband) is a cell that fuses with another gamete during fertilization (conception) in organisms that reproduce sexually.
Aeolic GreekDoric GreekAncient GreekAttic Greek

Question 5: The name gamete was introduced by the Austrian biologist ________.
Gregor MendelHeredityModern evolutionary synthesisGenetics

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