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Gamepad: Quiz


Question 1: Like the Wii Remote, the Nunchuk contains an ________[3] but unlike the Wii Remote, it lacks any pointer functionality.
Microelectromechanical systemsGravimeterAccelerometerInertial navigation system

Question 2: Gamepads are also available for ________, although a keyboard and mouse combination tends to be utilized more often for certain genres.
Personal computerMicrocomputerNetbookLaptop

Question 3: Unlike the Nintendo machines of the time, the Sega machines used a common ________ connection, enabling their pads to be used on different systems.
TV aerial plugBNC connectorRCA connectorD-subminiature

Question 4: The Nintendo GameCube controller adopted a similar style to the PlayStation ________.
PlayStation 3PlayStation NetworkPlayStation 3 accessoriesDualShock

Question 5: It resembles a Super NES controller and contains two analog sticks placed similarly to Sony's ________.
DualShockPlayStation NetworkPlayStation 3 accessoriesPlayStation 3

Question 6: The ________ controller has a similar design to the Saturn 3D Control Pad.
SegaSega SaturnMega DriveDreamcast

Question 7: The Atari Jaguar was the first and last ________ console to employ the modern gamepad (rather than the older Pro-Line controller) as the standard controller shipping with consoles.
Atari, Inc.PongAtariAtari Interactive

Question 8: The console also supports use of the ________ controller for Nintendo GameCube Game Discs compatibility and limited Virtual Console play, as well as certain Wii games (most notably Super Smash Bros. Brawl).
Nintendo 64Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo GameCubeNintendo Entertainment System

Question 9: The ________ controller has wireless capabilities and removes the "black" and "white" buttons and in their place adds two "bumper" buttons, one above each trigger.
Xbox 360 hardwareXbox 360 launchXbox LiveXbox 360

Question 10: The Classic Controller is also available for use with the Wii's ________ as well as some Wii titles.
Wii RemoteWiiWareWii Balance BoardVirtual Console


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