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Question 1: If a milestone or deadline is not met (or for a host of other reasons, like the game is cancelled), funds may become short and the developer may be forced to retrench employees or declare ________ and go out of business.
DebtInsolvencyBankruptcyBond (finance)

Question 2: Danielle Bunten Berry: developer of several early groundbreaking games, such as ________ and The Seven Cities of Gold
SubtradeSpore (2008 video game)M.U.L.E.The Sims

Question 3: Third-party developers, the most common type of ________, depend upon a steady influx of funds from the video game publisher.
Video game developerCasual gameGame programmerGame programming

Question 4: More often today the core ________ is usually separated from gameplay programming.
Game engineFirst-person shooter engineGame engine recreationCrystal Space

Question 5: Robyn and Rand Miller, owners of Cyan Worlds, designers of ________, Riven and other games
MystMyst (series)Myst IV: RevelationMyst III: Exile

Question 6: Various ________ are also used for the generation of content such as artwork and especially AI.
Programming languageProgramming paradigmScripting languageMetaprogramming

Question 7: As games have grown in size and complexity, ________ is becoming increasingly popular with the industry.
Service-oriented architectureMiddlewareWeb serviceEnterprise application integration

Question 8: The desire for adding more depth and assets to games necessitated a ________.
Division of labourKarl MarxCapitalismSurplus value

Question 9: Next game programming became a separate discipline from ________.
Casual gameGame designerGame developmentGame design

Question 10: Scripts are generally ________ at load time (when the game or level is loaded into main memory) and then executed at runtime (via logic branches or other such mechanisms).
Compiler-compilerParsingBottom-up parsingCompiler

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