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Question 1: The basic gameplay of ________ is to produce certain numerical or categorical combinations.
PokerTexas hold 'emBetting (poker)Doyle Brunson

Question 2: ________'s basic gameplay is to hit a ball and reach a designated spot.
Tiger WoodsJack NicklausPGA TourGolf

Question 3: ________ often rely on mechanics that determine the effectiveness of in-game actions by how well the player acts out the role of a fictional character.
Role-playing gameRole-playing game termsLive action role-playing gameRole-playing game (pen and paper)

Question 4: Some ________, at the other extreme, are known for extremely complex rules and for attempts at detailed simulation.
Board wargameMiniature wargamingWargamingTactical wargame

Question 5: In general, commercial video games have gone from simple designs (such as Asteroids) to extremely complex ones (such as Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell) as ________ has increased.
Intel 80286Instructions per secondMicroprocessorIntel 8080

Question 6: This is common in ________, but is also used in more abstract games such as go.
Tactical wargameWargamingMiniature wargamingBoard wargame

Question 7: Sometimes, generally in ________ wargames, the direction of movement is restricted by use of a turning key.
Royal NavyNaval warfareNavyShip

Question 8: ________, Illuminati), or by using a randomising method (e.g.

Question 9: This type of mechanic is common in many of what are called "________".
Spiel des JahresGerman-style board gameRio Grande GamesDeutscher Spiele Preis

Question 10: In a truly abstract game (________) turns are nothing more than a means to regulate play.
Backgammon notationFirst Internet Backgammon ServerBackgammonTables (board game)


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