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Question 1: The most famous example of this is ________' Duke Nukem Forever.
3D RealmsDuke Nukem (character)Commander KeenDuke Nukem 3D

Question 2: Developing a 3D engine from the ground up takes far more time than using a COTS (commercial, off-the-shelf) existing middleware package (such as ________ or RenderWare).
Fallout 3The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionGamebryoEpic Mickey

Question 3: Sometimes it is possible to use assets originally developed for another game (that the developer owns the ________ to) or assets that are in the public domain.
Intellectual propertyFair useCopyrightCopyright on typefaces

Question 4: For example, a simple puzzle game using 2D graphics will take far less time to develop than a ________ with a full-blown 3D engine.
Computer role-playing gameMassively multiplayer online role-playing gameTactical role-playing gameRole-playing video game

Question 5: In the early era of ________ and video game consoles in the early 1980s, a single programmer could handle almost all the tasks of developing a game.
MicrocontrollerHome computerMicrocomputerPersonal computer

Question 6: ________ used to be considered 100% complete when shipped and could not be changed.
Video game controversyConsole gameVideo gameVideo game genres

Question 7: ________
Game programmerList of video game industry peopleList of video game companiesList of video game designers

Question 8: In the very early days of video games, almost the only locale for game development was the corridor from San Francisco to Silicon Valley in ________ and remains an important development center.
San Jose, CaliforniaCaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 9: Programmers write much new source code, artists develop game assets such as sprites or, more often today, ________ of game elements.
3D rendering3D modeling3D computer graphics3D computer graphics software

Question 10: Another consideration is the use of middleware ________.
Game engine recreationGame engineCrystal SpaceFirst-person shooter engine


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