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Question 1: In larger companies like ________, each aspect of the game (control, level design or vehicles) may have a separate producer, lead designer and several general designers.
Electronic ArtsIntel CorporationCisco

Question 2: This is the case of such noted designers as Sid Meier, ________, Chris Sawyer and Will Wright.
Mike Wilson (CEO)Tom HallJohn RomeroJohn D. Carmack

Question 3: via ________
Google GroupsGoogle bombGoogle WaveGmail

Question 4: ________ may have been invented in the third millennium BC in India.

Question 5: Today, it is rare to find a video or computer game where the principal programmer is also the principal designer, except in the case of casual games, such as Tetris or ________.
BejeweledBejeweled 2ChuzzleBejeweled Twist

Question 6: The term applies to the designer of any game, whether a video game or tabletop games such as ________ or card games.
Board gameBackgammonGerman-style board gameGame mechanics

Question 7: ________
List of role-playing games by genreTimeline of role-playing gamesList of role-playing games by nameList of role-playing game designers

Question 8: A game designer is a person who designs gameplay, conceiving and designing the rules and structures of a ________.
Board gameGameTabletop gameVideo game

Question 9: Some of the games designed during this era, such as ________, Baseball, Air Warrior and Adventure later made the transition with their game designers into the early video game industry.
Zork IEnchanter (video game)ZorkInfocom

Question 10: The oldest ________ were found in China and may date from the 9th century AD.
Tarot, tarock and tarocchi gamesTarocchiniPlaying cardTrick-taking game

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