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Game controller: Quiz


Question 1: Most wheels turn only 200 to 270 degrees lock-to-lock, but some models, such as the Logitech ________,Logitech G25 and Logitech G27,can turn 900 degrees, or 2.5 turns lock-to-lock.
GT ForceGran Turismo 4Logitech Driving Force GTLogitech Racing Wheels compatibility

Question 2: has been shown in ________ for the Nintendo DS as a playable.
Mario Kart: Double Dash‼Super Mario KartMario & Sonic at the Olympic GamesMario Kart DS

Question 3: Some common additions to the standard pad include shoulder buttons placed along the edges of the pad, centrally placed buttons labeled start, select, and mode, and an internal motor to provide ________.
RoboticsHaptic technologyRumble PakGame controller

Question 4: It was first used on a dedicated console with the Tiger ________.
PlayStation PortableN-GageGame.comGame Boy

Question 5: The ________ features a microphone that is built into the system.
Nintendo DSi XLNintendo DSNintendo DSiNintendo DS Lite

Question 6: It uses ________ to detect its approximate orientation and acceleration and an image sensor[1] so it can be used as a pointing device.
AccelerometerMicroelectromechanical systemsInertial navigation systemGravimeter

Question 7: Nintendo popularized it for use in video games with the Nintendo DS; other systems including the ________ as well as the vast majority of PDAs have also included this feature.
N-GagePlayStation PortableGP2XTapwave Zodiac

Question 8: The joystick is often used for ________.
BoeingAirlineBoeing 747Flight simulator

Question 9: Optical motion tracking systems such as TrackIR and ________ use a video camera to track an infrared illuminated or emissive headpiece.
Mouse (computing)Video gameFreeTrackWebcam

Question 10: An accessory for the ________ (NES) was the R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy).
Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo 64Nintendo Entertainment SystemWii

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