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Question 1: This was especially the case with the recent closing of ________, an alternative game server software.
Xbox Live MarketplaceGames for Windows – LiveZuneMSN Games

Question 2: GameSpy Arcade allows one to game online with games such as Halo, Command & Conquer: Renegade, ________, Unreal Tournament 2004, and other first person games.
Half-Life (video game)Half-Life: Opposing ForceCounter-StrikeHalf-Life 2

Question 3: Some of the Parlor Games that existed were Y.A.R.N (story making) Reversi, Poker, Checkers, Chess,and ________.
First Internet Backgammon ServerBackgammonBackgammon notationTables (board game)

Question 4: GameSpy Arcade is a shareware ________ game server browsing utility.
Massively multiplayer online gameMultiplayer video gameMassively multiplayer online role-playing gameOnline game

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